The last 10 years was characterized by rapid increaseof demand on lawn in Russia. We would not be mistaken if say that nearly everyland owner has a lawn or at least dreams about its creation.

At the beginning of 21st century the demand on lawngrass seeds was about 1,5 thousand tons per year. But by 2011 this amountincreased to 7,5 thousand tons.

The culture of lawn cultivation in Europe has morethan 500 year’s history. And today only Germany demands about 90 thousand tonsof seeds per year. For example the USA demands about 350 thousand tons.

Similar demand can be expected in our country incoming years.

Our company is supplying high quality lawn grass seedsfrom Europe to the Russian market for more then 18 years.

In recent years the company has been activelyexporting forage for animals in the Middle-East and Southeast Asia.

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