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The last 10 year's was characterized by rapid increase of demand on lawn in Russia. We would not be mistaken if say that nearly every land owner has a lawn or at least dreams about its creation.
At the beginning of 21st century the demand on lawn grass seeds was about 1,5 thousand tons per year. But by 2011 this amount increased to 7,5 thousand tons.
The culture of lawn cultivation in Europe has more than 500 year's history. And today only Germany demands about 90 thousand tons of seeds per year. For example the USA demands about 350 thousand tons.
Similar demand can be expected in our country in coming year's.
Our company is supplying high quality lawn grass seeds from Europe to the Russian market for more then 15 year's.

During the year's the suppliers of Lawn grasses Centre Co. Ltd. were famous European manufacturers such as DLF-Trifolium A.S. (Denmark), Cebeco-seeds B.V., renamed since 2006 into Innoseeds B.V. (Netherlands), Graminex-Nasiona Sp. z.o.o. (Poland). But in the severe competition among the mentioned companies Feldsaaten Freudenberger GmbH & Co. KG could take the lead over them by providing non-stop delivery of lawn grass seeds of high quality, in the original packages, with the competitive price level.

All of our deliveries are made directly and we are proposing only high quality goods. Sales of lawn are arranged in wholesale trade scheme for legal and private persons. About 85% of the product is supplied to the Russian market only by our company. We are selling (on wholesale prices) 27 grassy and 2 flower mixtures used for different soil-climatic zones, for any conditions of use and treatment as well as 3 kinds of clover: white (creeping), red and pink (Alexander) in the original packages, with the competitive price level.

In Moscow the areas around the following historical and architectural-landscape memorials are sowed by our grasses: the temple of Christ the Savior, Tcaritcino, Lefortovo. The lawns that are grown from our mixtures beautify Moscow Zoo, sports complex Luzhniki and Dinamo, city gardens and streets, as well as many areas of MKAD.

During that time more than 1500 companies become of our clients. There are companies that are dealing with improving and landscape gardening of towns and private properties, sports and health care companies, holiday centers, big supermarkets and shops, garden centers from more that 300 cities and population aggregates of all regions of Russia and from 12 cities of CIS. Lawn grasses Centre Co. Ltd. is supplying goods to biggest specialized supermarkets like “Tvoi Dom”, “Castorama” and others.

For the private persons an internet-shop of lawns is operating at our website.

At the pages of our website we try to discuss what the lawn and lawn grass are, what purposes they are used for, what kind of lawns are, what lawn shall be chosen for your garden, how to sow and treat it.

We hope that this information helps you in choosing grass mixtures and creating your lawn.

We would be glad to answer your questions by multi-channel phone:

8 (495) 995-44-34

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