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A company "Lawn grasses centre" LTD works at the Russian market already morethan 19 years.

"Lawngrasses centre" LTD celebrated its 19 anniversary on May, 26, 2016.

Our company is multi-specialized. During these years we imported from Europe and China and sold by wholesale lawn grasses seeds, plants, trees, garden tools, watering systems, small garden and construction vehicle, decorative waterfalls,marble, granite, onyx, travertine artworks and many other goods. And as of to day we are the largest Russian company in importing the lawn grasses seeds.The main principles that we follow when choosing foreign producers are quality,assortment, packing quality, price, individual approach to consumers.

At theend of 1997 the specialists from Feldsaaten Freudenberger GmbH & Co. KG,Germany and "Lawn grasses centre" LTD, Russia worked out speciallyfor Russia the Program “GRASSES FRO RUSSIA”.

The Program was fully correspond to the international standards of quality andesthetic requirements. It successfully combined the international experience ofbreeding and production of lawn grasses seeds, lawn cultivation taking intoaccount the features of Russian conditions.

The goods with this tradename were supplied to Russia only for "Lawn grassescentre" LTD, Moscow. In subsequent years the Program was extended bycomplex lawn fertilizers.

The unchanged principle of the Company – the introducing to the Russian market onlythe high quality products of foreign and local producers. For this purpose “Lawn Grasses Centre” is in constant communication with the leading Europeanand international producers of lawn grasses seeds from Germany, Canada, Poland,the USA, Italy, Denmark, Holland, Sweden.

The annualparticipation in the world exhibitions such as GAFA, Cologne (Germany), IPM, Essen (Germany), "Green Week" Berlin (Germany), "Green is life", Warsaw (Poland), "Flowers", Moscow (Russia) and the others makes itpossible to develop new directions in our Centre business, getting to know newideas and new companies that leads to further mutually beneficial cooperation.

Nowa days by the efforts of plant breeders and practical agronomists from Russia, Germanyand other countries 32 lawns and 2 floral mixtures for the conditions of theRussian Federation were created. These grass mixtures are from the Program "GRASSES FOR RUSSIA”, “Green Field”, “Green Line” and others. The grass mixturesare prepared for different soil and climatic zones, all operating conditionsand care.

Since 2014 the 4 new lawn grasses seeds mixtures from the Budget series were offeredfor sale. We also offer to the Russian lawn lovers three varieties of clover:white, red and pink (Alexandria).

The valueof mixtures from series "GRASSES FOR RUSSIA" is that they are fullyadapted to Russian soil and climatic conditions as well as take into accountthe traditions, tastes and mentality of the Russian consumers.

We supplythe seeds that tested by the in international laboratories ISTA, certified inthe country of origin and phytosanitary control.

Over theyears the suppliers of lawn grasses seeds for the “Lawn Grasses Centre” weresuch well-known European producers as DLF-Trifolium A.S. (Denmark), Cebeco-seeds B.V., renamed in 2006 in Innoseeds B.V. (Netherlands), Graminex-Nasiona Sp. z.o.o. (Poland). However the company Feldsaaten Freudenberger GmbH & Co. KG. in fierce competition with the indicatedproducers managed to outrun them by providing a clear, uninterrupted suppliesof lawn grasses seeds of the highest quality, in the original packaging atcompetitive prices.

Samplesof packages of lawn grasses seeds, fertilizers for the lawn, clover and wildflowers

To be guidedby an integrated approach to the arrangement of country houses, city parks andgardens and in order to fully meet the needs of our customers we also offerseveral types of lawn fertilizers produces by Buyskiy chemical plant,surpassing European analogues.

The convenient location of the wholesale warehouse, a simple scheme of working with wholesalers, competent staff, prompt service are the important advantages ofour company in working with wholesale buyers.

Since1997 the lawn grass mixtures from the Program "GRASSES FOR RUSSIA" have gained popularity not only in the Moscow region but in the mostterritories and regions of Russia, in many CIS countries.

About 85%of products are supplied to Russia by only the Lawn Grasses Centre.

The professionallandscapers saw the true value the unmatched quality of our grass mixtures.That is why in Moscow by our grasses are planted such historic sites andmonuments of architectural and landscape as the territory near the Cathe dral of Christ the Savior, Tsaritsyno, Lefortovo. Lawns grown from our mixtures aredecorating the Moscow Zoo, the Luzhniki sports complexes and Dinamo, citysquares and streets as well as many parts of the Ring Road.

Throughout of its many years activity the Lawn Grasses Centre tends to follow two fundamental principles: to work with leading producers and keep the status of acompetent and responsible seller. We have a flexible system of discounts,various forms of payment terms.

The highquality of seeds, a wide range of grass mixtures and pure varieties, stableprices during the season, convenient location of the wholesale warehouse, asimple scheme of working with wholesale buyers, quick service — all that are worthilyappreciated by our customers.

TheState Museum-Reserve "Tsaritsyno" viewfrom the large stone bridge at night

In thepast four years our company has been actively supplying to the Russian market awide range of products from China, among which small construction equipment, decorativewaterfalls.

In 2012 signed a contract in and since 2013 started delivering to Russia a wide rangeof products made of marble, granite, travertine, onyx, steel as well as castand forged products made of bronze, iron, steel.

All products are made by hand from different types of natural stone but mostly ofmarble, because the marble has all the necessary chemical and aestheticqualities that allow the sculptor to make from a piece of raw stone a work ofart. Our company offers a wide range of products such as the arches of gatesand doors, bas-reliefs and stairs, portal fireplace of high complexity withhigh-precision carving and striking design which can be used both inside andoutside the premises, and that creates a unique comfort in your home and servesexcellent design solution.

Large assortment of sculptures in the form of humans and animals, outdoor vases,arbors, benches, tables and chairs, lanterns, fountains and other products canprovide your garden with a unique view. And this is only a few that our companyoffers. We also offer a wide range of cast and forged products made of bronze,iron, steel.

Inaddition to the above mentioned products our company offers the products ofmemorial character. In our company you can purchase made of different types ofnatural stone or a combination of several types of stone tombs in the form ofmemorial plates, angels and other religious compositions. All of our productsare made exclusively from natural stone of high quality by skilled sculptors.

We supplyour products to more than 1500 commercial and state-owned enterprises locatedin about 300 Russian cities and 12 cities of CIS countries. Among our customersare the largest specialized retail chains in Russia and in Moscow such as: “Castorama”- UK (retail chain № 1 in Europe and № 3 in the world in terms of turnover in ayear), “YOUR HOUSE” — Russia, "RIO" OUR HOUSE, "WORLD OFHOBBIES" — Russia and others.

Over the years the "Lawn Grasses Centre" was repeatedly awarded with Certificate of Merits and Memorial medals.

In 2005 the "Lawn Grasses Centre" was awarded with the Diploma of the Moscow Government for its active participation in the reconstruction of the StateMuseum-Reserve "Tsaritsyno".

In 2006 the Government of Moscow nominated the Honorary Diploma of the activities of "Lawn Grasses Centre" on the improvement of the city of Moscow.

In 2006 the "Lawn Grasses Centre" won the city competition for there construction of the sports complex "Luzhniki" dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the complex.

In 2007 the "Lawn Grasses Centre" was awarded with the Diploma of the Moscow Government for its active participation in the reconstruction of Tushino Children's Hospital.

In 2008 the "Lawn Grasses Centre" was a finalist of "Moscow businessman 2008" and winner of the Western Administrative District of Moscow.

In 2009 the "Lawn Grasses Centre" was awarded with the Diploma of the MoscowGovernment for its active participation in the Forum "Urban Development – waysof development."

In 2011 the "Lawn Grasses Centre" was awarded with the Diploma and a bronzemedal of the 18th International Exhibition of Flowers — "Flowers 2011" in the nomination for the best quality products.

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