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Мы делаем все, чтобы Вы стали богаче Wholesale is the basis of Lawn grasses Centre Co. Ltd activity. About 670 wholesale firms and shops make Мы экономим Выше время, которое дороже денег with great success their business upon including in theirs assortment lawn grasses seeds, lawn fertilizers and other goods bought from Lawn grasses Centre Co. Ltd.

We carry out all deliveries directly and we offer high quality production under the competitive prices.




We deliver more than half of names of our production exclusively. We are also the unique suppliers on the Russian market of 85 % of production of the German company Feldsaaten Freudenberger GmbH & Co. KG. in original package with the text in Russian, which are made and delivered only to the Lawn grasses Centre.

Все разнообразие нашей продукции

Lawn grasses seeds are offered as pure grasses and mixtures. Thirty different mixtures containing from three till thirty sorts of grasses and wild flowers are used to grow parten and natural lawns, lawns used for sport and decorative purpose, for sowing on clay, sandy or other soil, maintaining frosts, strong drought and shadow.

The proud of our Centre is the collection of Lawn Grasses seeds’ mixtures supplied by German company Feldsaaten Freudenberger GmbH & Co. KG., the cooperation with this company continues about 15 year's.

Feldsaaten Freudenberger GmbH & Co. KG. is the leader of seeds’ production and sale in Germany. The specialists from this company under the order of Lawn Grasses Centre Co. Ltd chosen more appropriate sorts of grasses seeds acceptable for temperature conditions in Russia and composed mixtures which are more suitable for our soil and climate environment. These mixtures form densive turf, have low speed of growth, low temperature resistance, disease resistance and weed resistance.

Offered sorts of lawn grasses seeds were cultivated in Canada, USA, Germany, Holland, Denmark, produced and packed using modern technologies.

Seeds passed tests of international station ISTA and probes on low temperatures resistance and “snow molds” (effects of melting within winter period) and also Phyto Sanitary control. The seeds have high index of purity and germination.

Within many years our clients are fond of “Flowing lawn” (“The Mavritanskiy lawn”), mixture composed from seeds of wild flowers and field flowers. In mixture there are from 25 till 35 species of different flowers, which have different gamma and were chosen in such way that you can wonder since spring till late autumn of its so beautiful colors.

We also offer separately pure sorts of wild flowers and field flowers’ seeds.

Wide territory in Moscow and Moscow regions, regions of Russia are seeded with mixtures offered by our company. Among such places are Cathedral of Christ, historical complex Kolomenskoe and Lefortovo, sport stadium Dinamo, slopes of Moscow highway circle and many other places.

Supplied seeds are of great interest not only because of variety but also because of wide range of package by weight and design. Our product could meet the demand of private customer, professional gardeners and prestige VIP markets.

All mixtures of grasses seeds are packed in foil bags, carton boxes designed in color, in paper colored bags per 0,5; 1,0; 2,0; 2,5; 5; and 10 kg. On all packages there are instructions how to use the mixture, how to look after your lawn.

Мавританский газон

Цветущий (Мавританский) газон

FERTILIZERS FOR LAWNУниверсальное органо-минеральное удобрение

By the order from Lawn grasses Centre Co. Ltd. specialists of NII of fertilizers and insectofungicide named after prof. Samoilov Ya.V. and JSC "Buiskiy chimzavod" designed and produced special fertilizers of directive effect that fully provide lawn grasses with nutrients at all stages of development and in all soil and climate conditions.

Fertilizers for lawn "Green carpet" introduced to the market by "Lawn Grasses Centre" together with Buiskiy chimzavod exceed in quality European analogs. Granules of organic and mineral fertilizers have dimensions not more than 1,5 mm, which is comparable with the size of the lawn grasses seeds. This will allow you to mix fertilizers and seeds in the bunker seeders, combine sowing lawn and the introduction of nutrients.

Such fertilizers introduction ensures plants with nutrient elements at an early stage of growing, thus, increasing the overall germination and protecting young lawn from diseases and pests. Organic and mineral fertillizers have prolonged effect. Granules gradually dissolve in water, and plants get optimal dose of nutrients throughout the season.

Similar fertilizers become the most popular in the arrangement of lawns in European countries.

Гранулы ОМУ

The usage of these fertilizers when sowing lawn grasses in combination with high-quality grass mixtures of the Program «GRASS FOR RUSSIA» will allow you to get unique lawns.
Fertilizers «Green carpet» do not contain chlorine, nitrates, so that they are used in the cultivation of room and garden flowers, berries and vegetables with success.
They have in their basis of ecologically pure, specially processed peat from a unique natural deposits with dosed addition of nutrients and necessary microelements and transformed in special furnaces in granules.
Fertilizers absorbed by plants without losses, are not washed away by the rains, which is especially important for lawn grass, as their root system is located in the upper soil layer.
The fertilizer has no side effects on plants when feeding.


Even in ancient Egypt people paid attention to the natural beauty of falling water and named this phenomenon «waterfall» which meant «a fall of water». The waterfall is not only a flow of water that is rapidly falling from a height it is also a remarkable sight that attracts people eyes from of old and staying near them gives healing properties and helps in relieving stress and fatigue. Under the sunlight dows of falling water get electric charge so that negative ions are generating which in mixture with phytoncids, flying substances that are secreted by plants, effect on the body.

Waterfalls can be formed by glaciers or appear as a result of earthquakes but in most cases waterfalls are formed where solid rock layers that covers soft rock are. It does not mean that you should move to the mountains to enjoy sound of falling water! You can simply buy a decorative waterfall «LGC» and the mountains come to you by themselves!

Waterfalls «LGC» are made based on modern technologies with application of the latest developments in the field of polymer materials. The artificial waterfalls «LGC» is inferior to real stone by appearance but there price is much cheaper. Waterfall «LGC» can be one of the best decoration for your garden and a place where you can relax under the murmur of the falling water. We are offerring a wide range of waterfalls «LGC» which you can study in details below..

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