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Feldsaaten Freudenberger GmbH & Co. KG.

Мы поставлят семена всему миру.

Основатель компании — Зигфрид ФройденбергерGerman company Feldsaaten Freudenberger GmbH & Co. KG. has been delivering lawn grasses seeds on the Russian market through “Lawn Grasses Centre Co. Ltd” since 1997. Feldsaaten Владелец компании — Манфред ФройденбергерFreudenberger GmbH & Co. KG. was founded in 1948 year by Siegfried Freundenberger. Today it carries out selective cultivation and mass production of seeds in Germany and worldwide on 15000 hectares of the cultivated grounds. The company exports more than 50 % of its production. Since beginning of its existence the company understood the importance to produce only high quality sorts of lawn grasses seeds. Now Feldsaaten Freudenberger GmbH & Co. KG. has about 95 proper sorts, which are already registered and 47 sorts are awaiting for their registration with official institutes.

At the moment the turnover of the company related to seeds of lawn and feeding grasses is 60 000 tons per year.

Первый грузовикThe company directorate understands that the customers prefer to deal with the seeds which have high quality, as far as selected seeds posses wreckers and disease resistance, have slow growth rate and they are aimed to be used for definite soils and climate conditions, etc. Specialists from Feldsaaten Freudenberger GmbH & Co. KG. guarantee to their customers high quality of seeds and are always ready to give professional consulting. Selected seeds are due to pass special international tests of ISTA station and research on resistance to low temperature and winter molds, that is very typical for climate in Russia and also pass very strict Phyto Sanitary control. Seeds have high index of purity and germination. Specialists from Feldsaaten Freudenberger GmbH & Co. KG. by request of Lawn Grasses Centre Co. Ltd select more appropriate sorts of seeds for our temperature conditions and prepare mixtures which are not capricious to soil and climate conditions, form very Управляющий компании — Ахим Шпренгель.densive turf, have low speed of growth and require as less as possible of looking after it. Under the valuation of independent Главный менеджер компании по восточным странам — Юрий Ивановsources the company Feldsaaten Freudenberger GmbH & Co. KG. was named as one of the best leading companies in the field of production of lawn grasses seeds.

Achim Sprengel has been working as Senior Manager of the company Feldsaaten Freudenberger GmbH & Co. KG. for many years already. During his work the company has got the second wind of development and after having entered on the Russian market firmed on it.

At the moment Feldsaaten Freudenberger GmbH & Co. KG. has 15 thousand square meters of warehouses with its special micro – climate, where many-tier racks up to 15 m height are situated, has its private production shop, mixing and packing departments with up-to-day equipment and also has its laboratory.

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JSC “Buyskiy chemical plant”

ОАО Буйский химический заводJSC “Buyskiy chemical plant” is the biggest Russian enterprise that is producing special kinds of fertilizers among which there are granulated organic-mineral, complex water-soluble as well as simple mineral fertilizers. Granulated organic-mineral fertilizers of durable action are in good demand by the customers.

By working more than 100 years on the Russian and world market the plant is been aiming to produce their goods with correspondence of the last scientific developments and usage of the newest technologies.

Our Chinese suppliers

As of today we are not ready to widely represent our Chinese suppliers at our website. We can only say with confidense that two of three are the biggest manufacturers in China among the corresponding areas. These are manufacturers of concrete mixers and decorative waterfalls. In this year we would like to get to know their production facility in details and after that we can provide the full information at our website.

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